South Shore Residents Ken and Susan Kellaway Give $1 Million Gift to South Shore Health

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Ken and Susan Kellaway presented a one million dollar gift to South Shore Health.

Ken and Susan Kellaway of Hingham, Mass., and formerly of Norwell, Mass., presented South Shore Hospital, part of South Shore Health, with a gift of $1 million dollars to support its Emergency Department (the third busiest in the state by patient volume) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

A sign bearing the name of the Ken and Susan Kellaway Patient Registration Area was unveiled during the event. Members of the Kellaway family, hospital leaders, physician leaders and staff members representing the divisions receiving funding, met for a reception and remarks following the unveiling.

The Kellaways are longtime supporters of South Shore Health. Ken’s father, Kendall P. Kellaway, Sr., and C. Herbert “Herb” Emilson, a businessman and philanthropist, established what is now known as the South Shore Health Foundation in 1989. Ken currently serves as a trustee on the Foundation Board.

Vice Chair of the South Shore Health Board of Directors, Tom McCarthy said there are three things that come to mind when he reflects on the Kellaways’ generous gift: legacy, intention and anonymous kindness.

“When deciding where their gift might have a significant impact, Ken and Susan toured South Shore Hospital and spoke with members of its staff,” McCarthy said. “Then, with intentionality, the couple decided their donation would best benefit the hospital’s Emergency Department and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.” Ken was treated for pneumonia in South Shore Hospital’s NICU when he was a young boy.

The Kellaway family has a deep connection to the South Shore. They raised their family of four children in Norwell, where Ken grew up. He, along with all of his siblings and their children, was born at South Shore Hospital.

As a member of the business community, Kellaway appreciates that unexpected events and trends can challenge all industries, including healthcare.

“We respect the work that is being done at this hospital,” Kellaway said. “We know it’s challenging, we know how hard you work. We are also excited that this hospital is a part of our community.”

Ken is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Road One IntermodaLogistics, headquartered in Randolph, MA.  RoadOne is now one of the largest logistics companies in North America with over 100 locations Coast to Coast.

“This gift is an act of anonymous kindness,” McCarthy said to the Kellaway family. “The true recipients, such as parents of babies in the NICU, may never know you, and you may never know them. But, they will benefit from your generous gift.”