South Shore Health Responds to White House Clinical Trial RFI

In late 2022, the White House, in partnership with the National Security Council, issued a national Request for Information (RFI) on clinical research infrastructure and emergency clinical trials.

The aim of the request is to obtain information from a wide range of clinical trial stakeholders to ensure that large-scale clinical trials can be efficiently conducted across the nation in times of disease outbreaks and other emergencies.

Frederick Millham, MD, IRB Chair and Surgeon-in-Chief and Stephanie Smith, PhD, Director of Research, responded to the request, sharing the model South Shore Hospital adopted during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The model was implemented to ensure novel therapies were available to eligible and consenting COVID-19 patients both bedside, and in the community.

Drs. Millham and Smith serve as local leaders in this on-going national discussion that is intended to increase the accessibility of clinical trials during times of infectious disease outbreaks or other public health emergencies.

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