South Shore Health Awards $1.8 Million in Behavioral Healthcare Grants to Two Local Agencies

The South Shore Community Behavioral Health Initiative (SSCBHI), led by South Shore Health, has awarded $1.8 million in community grants to two local non-profit agencies for their work to support behavioral healthcare on the South Shore. 

The Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (PAARI) and Bay State Community Services, Inc. will each receive $930,000 grants for their work targeting behavioral health patients, specifically in improving their access to medical care and services, housing, transportation, food and clothing and insurance.      

“After a rigorous application and proposal process, these two non-profits were chosen because of their dedication, ingenuity and deep commitment to affect positive change for those in need,” said Katrina Dwyer, RN, Director/Care Coordination and Community Benefits Officer for South Shore Health.

The combined $1.8 million Integrative Behavioral Health Grant is part of a larger $2.4 million sum made possible through South Shore Health. Of the total grant money, the Greater Brockton Health Alliance, South Shore Community Partners, and Blue Hills Health Alliance will each receive $180,000 over the next three years. The remaining $1.8 million was earmarked for not-for-profit agencies interested in applying for one of the two $930,000 grants.

“This first-of-its kind grant program on the South Shore reflects our organization’s deep commitment to promoting good health within the community and by removing barriers to accessing behavioral healthcare for the most vulnerable among us,” said Gene E. Green, MD, MBA, President & CEO, South Shore Health. “Congratulations to both agencies for earning these grants. We are excited to see the impact these initiatives will make in our communities.”