Provider Council hosts Sen. Patrick O'Connor on COVID-19

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As part of an ongoing series of virtual seminars with regional healthcare providers, the South Shore Health Provider Council recently hosted a panel discussion on the COVID-19 pandemic. State Senator Patrick O’Connor, who represents the Norfolk/Plymouth County districts, joined the panel as its special guest. 

The Provider Council is a 12 member body of elected and appointed physicians who serve in leadership roles to represent and engage physicians within South Shore Health as well as the broader physician community throughout the South Shore.

“The Council functions as a forum for clinicians to have a role in the development and execution of South Shore Health System strategies and goals,” said Cliff Breslow, MD, a council member and seminar host.

“Aligning the interests of our community and our clinicians will ultimately improve health care access, quality, equality and efficiency for our patients."

Among the topics discussed with Sen. O’Connor were: What has state leadership learned from the COVID crisis that would change aspects of how a second surge would be operationalized? And, what is the process by which Massachusetts communities adopt recommendations generated at the state level?

The panel considered local government’s role in interpreting state policies vis-à-vis personal protective equipment (PPE), public gatherings, and school openings to accommodate their regional needs and constituents’ preferences.

The Provider Council would like to thank the following panelists for their expertise and guidance:

Robert McLaughlin, Legislative Affairs COVID-19 Command Center

Robert Oliver, Director of Legislative Affairs Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Jana Ferguson, Assistant Commissioner at MA Department of Public Health

Dr. Ryan Schwarz, Clinical Lead at COVID19 Response Command Center & Director of Policy for Accountable Care at MA Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Paul Schubert, MD: Cardiologist and Selectman, Town of Cohasset, MA

“During this time of uncertainty and demand, we’re very pleased that so many area providers took part in this important discussion,” said Breslow.



Media Contact

Susan Griffin
sgriffin3 [at]