Frequently Asked Questions about Paperless Billing at South Shore Health

In an effort to improve the billing process, enhance security, and be more environmentally friendly, South Shore Health is introducing paperless billing.

Effective October 1, all South Shore Health patients who have a South Shore MyChart account will be automatically enrolled in paperless billing.

While most patients are familiar with paperless bills for things like car payments, credit cards, and home loans, we understand that this switch to paperless billing may raise some questions.

Below, please find answers to some common questions on the subject of paperless billing.

How will I receive my bills going forward?

Once enrolled in paperless billing, patients will receive, view, and pay their bills directly in their South Shore MyChart account.

This helps patients have a single source for all billing-related needs – and helps save you a stamp and a trip to the mailbox.

How will I know if I have a bill?

Patients will be notified via email when a new bill is available in their MyChart account.

Once notified, patients can log in using their MyChart credentials to view and pay the bill.

Patients will also have the option of using MyChart’s “Pay As Guest” feature for easy access to the bill payment system.

Why are you switching to paperless billing?

The switch to paperless billing is in line with billing trends across a number of major industries.

Additionally, paperless billing is:

  • Secure: With paperless billing, the entire process, from issuance to payment, is contained within the MyChart platform, providing enhanced security for patients.
  • Convenient: Paperless billing allows patients to view and pay their bills in a single platform, eliminating the need for checks, stamps, and dropping envelopes in the mail.
  • Efficient: Patients will be able to view paid and outstanding bills directly in their MyChart account – no more searching through a file cabinet or drawer for an old bill.
  • Earth-conscious: Changing to paperless billing will allow us to save tens of thousands of sheets of paper per year. Paperless billing also helps lessen the environmental impact of the mail system.

I still want to receive paper bills – can I opt out?

Patients who wish to receive hard copies of their bills via mail must opt out of paperless billing.

To opt out, log in to your MyChart account and navigate to the main menu. In the menu, select “Billing Summary.”

On the Billing Summary page, you will see a link to cancel paperless billing.

For patients who don’t currently have a South Shore MyChart account, we encourage you to create one – it’s free, easy, and enhances your overall patient experience.

You can create an account by visiting our website.