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Med Onc.

The medical oncology team at Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center in clinical affiliation with South Shore Health—focuses on you. From diagnosing your cancer and developing your treatment plan to coordinating your overall care, the team collaborates with the Center’s surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists and other cancer experts so that each patient benefits from an integrated, coordinated plan of care.

Your medical oncologist (doctor who specializes in cancer) is your partner from diagnosis to survivorship and is responsible for:

  • Managing your cancer treatment plan and therapies
  • Collaborating with other medical professionals to determine your treatment options
  • Monitoring and evaluating your progress
  • Consulting with you about your treatment choices and any treatment side effects you may experience
  • Providing medical guidance to help you make informed decisions
  • Connecting you and your family to support services that meet your educational, emotional, and financial needs during treatment

Physician assistants, clinical nurse practitioners, and nurse navigators may work with your medical oncologist to assist in providing your cancer care. Medical oncology care and outpatient infusion are conveniently located on the third floor of the Center and are provided by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Here, patients have check-ups and confer with their medical oncologist and oncology nurse.

Dr. Faggen Medical Oncology

Hear from one of our oncologists

Meet Dr. Faggen, and hear about her approach to treating patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Chemo Orientation Class

To ease possible anxiety associated with the initiation of chemotherapy, oncology nurses and the multidisciplinary team help reduce this response through supportive, relationship-based education that provides an overview of chemotherapy.


Infusion services involve the administration of fluids, including medication, through a vein and into the bloodstream by intravenous means (IV). Infusions include chemotherapy, as well as additional medications and treatments (such as hydration). Chemotherapy is a treatment that can help eliminate cancer cells or prevent them from multiplying in the body. Patients having infused treatment receive care as an outpatient, in a state-of-the-art infusion area of the Cancer Center. All infusion stations feature relaxing reclining chairs for your comfort during treatment.

Medication Dispensary

The medical oncology unit includes a pharmacy, where pharmacists prepare and dispense chemotherapy and other medications, and serve on our care team. To enhance patient safety, they use advanced technologies, such as a computerized ordering system and bar-coded medications.  Pharmacists are available to answer questions, but the pharmacy is unable to fill personal prescriptions.

On-Site Testing Services

Laboratory services and testing is a key component of the detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  Our Cancer Center’s on-site laboratory provides quick results for many routine laboratory tests, helping physicians prescribe or adjust your treatment plan as needed without unnecessary delays in your treatment.

Medical Oncology Team

Mark Anderson, MD

Mark E Anderson, MD

Medical Oncology
Deepak Chander, MD

Deepak P Chander, MD

Medical Oncology
Dr. Faggen, MD, Medical Oncology

Meredith A Faggen, MD

Medical Oncology
Jennifer Faig, MD

Jennifer A Faig, MD

Medical Oncology
Shail Maingi

Shail Maingi, MD

Medical Oncology
Dr. O'Connor, Medical Oncology

Thomas P O'Connor, MD

Medical Oncology
Dr. Mahesh Pandey

Mahesh Pandey, MD

Medical Oncology
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James Stoeckle, MD

Medical Oncology