Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. We are here for you every step of the way, as you or a loved one navigate the process from treatment to recovery. We urge you to take an active role in your care, and hope you will allow us to partner with you on your journey—helping to address anything you see as a barrier to getting the best medical treatment possible.

From Diagnosis to Survivorship

We realize the best care doesn’t just begin and end with active cancer treatment, the best care walks with you from diagnosis to survivorship, guiding you through all aspects of your journey—from education to financial counseling.

Cancer Care in Weymouth, MA
Learn about uncompromising patient care in Weymouth at the Cancer Center.
Heart Healthy Nutrition

Survivorship Nutrition

Access nutrition guidelines and consultative services to support healing.

Counseling and Supportive Services

We encourage our patients to explore the many supportive services we offer to help cope with a diagnosis, manage any emotional concerns—such as depression, anxiety, and confusion—that may result after a cancer diagnosis.

Please visit the Resource Center to find educational materials about your illness, how it can affect physical and emotional health, or what support programs are available. The Resource Center, led by caring, supportive staff at the Cancer Center, offers books, brochures, computers, DVDs, and CDs that can offer information and support, and caring staff members are available to assist you.  There are also comfort items available free of charge for our patient’s that include hats, scarves, pillows and blankets.

We accept most insurances. Many programs require referrals and authorizations for specific services and some may require patients to pay for a portion of the care. We encourage you to contact your health plan to better understand these details. In the event that you feel your financial situation is a barrier to receiving care, we encourage you to talk to us so we can confidentially discuss your unique situation and help guide you through the many resources available. For more information or to speak to a financial counselor, call 781-624-4329.

We offer a range of services, products, and resources in the medical community to help you look and feel your best, both during and after treatment. Whether you need to be fitted for a wig or need help with post-mastectomy solutions, we have experts available to assist you.


South Shore Health offers  wig services within the Friendly Shop, located inside the McKim Family Main Entrance at South Shore Hospital. We've created a private, safe space within the Friendly Shop where our clients can feel comfortable during their wig consultations. Wig services are available for medical or non-medical reasons. People of all ages (including children) are welcome to visit our team to find the perfect wig, hat, or scarf. Our wig services program is led by a licensed cosmetologist who has years of experience in community salons selling and styling wigs.