Chemotherapy Orientation Program

Preparing Patients for the Journey Ahead

Understanding a life-altering diagnosis is made easier for patients of the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center in clinical affiliation with South Shore Hospital. The chemotherapy orientation class—first of its kind in Massachusetts—started as a pilot program, created by a group of experienced oncology nurses at the Center and was designed to complement the orientation with a physician and chairside infusion nurses. It has proven to be an instrumental resource for patients, families, and providers alike.

This free, one-hour educational session is designed to help alleviate any anxiety patients can sometimes feel before the first chemotherapy infusion. Information is key, and for a cancer patient especially, knowing what to expect before going into treatment really helps diminish any added concern or stress.

While the class primarily focuses on what to expect before, during and after chemotherapy infusion treatments, it also provides patients an overview of the Cancer Center, the resources available, and introduces patients to key members of the team. The warm, comfortable atmosphere of the class allows patients and their caregivers an opportunity to ask any questions.