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As Southeastern Massachusetts’ most comprehensive health care system, we are committed to working together as one to provide you with the highest quality medical care. The beauty of a system of care lies in the collective benefit of caregivers, technologies and facilities coming together as one for you.

Our approach to healthcare means greater continuity, better communication between all the people involved and a more seamless experience for your healthcare. We know that everyone’s health care needs are different, but we can all use more confidence that the care we’re getting is up to par.

Comprehensive Care. As One.

Healing. As One.

Jason Tracy, MD

Chief of Emergency Medicine

It’s an honor to work with a team of highly-skilled professionals who are ready 24-hours a day to care for you in any emergency.

Kim Dever

Chair, OB/GYN

People like to have options when making decisions regarding their pregnancy, and here we offer that depth of services.

Steven Johnson, MD

Director, Neurosurgery

We are committed to providing a caring, respectful relationship with patients and their families—an experience you won't find anywhere else.



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