South Shore Hospital’s Department of Anesthesiology provides a full range of anesthetic, perioperative and pain management services to patients of all ages—24/7.

Anesthesiologists are physician-specialists who have the principal task of providing pain relief, while maintaining a stable condition during an operation or an obstetric or diagnostic procedure. The anesthesiologist assesses the risk of the patient undergoing surgery and communicates with the surgeon, primary physician, and consultants to optimize the patient's condition prior to, during, and after surgery. At South Shore Hospital, anesthesiologists also manage our critical care units.

Our anesthesia care team includes 25 board-certified anesthesiologists and 21 certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs) and residents—all working together as one on behalf of patients before, during, and following surgical procedures. Together, the team performs more than 13,000 inpatient and outpatient surgeries each year using advanced equipment and the latest epidural and spinal techniques for our labor and delivery patients.

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To learn more or to find a South Shore Hospital-affiliated Anesthesiologist, call our physician referral line at 781-624-6673 or use our Find a Doctor tool.

Healing. As One.

Jonathan Clark, CRNA

Providing safe, compassionate, high quality anesthesia services to the south shore community is what we do best.

Trang Tong, CRNA

I love having the opportunity to provide emotional support to each patient, calming any fears before surgery.

John Whitehouse, CRNA

We strive to take care of every patient as we would want our families to be taken care of.



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