An Update for Patients Awaiting Surgery at South Shore Hospital

June 10, 2020: For an update on surgical procedures at South Shore Hospital, please click here.

On behalf of South Shore Health, I want to reach out to our patients whose surgery was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your patience. Delaying your surgery was necessary while we cared for a large number of critically ill patients with COVID-19. For the past weeks this unprecedented surge consumed most of our resources and attention.  

Our data now show that the new cases of COVID-19 presenting to our facilities are declining.

As our resources become less strained, our leadership team has developed a plan for progressive resumption of our surgery programs.

We have begun by scheduling patients who simply should not wait any longer, such as those with cancer or problems likely to worsen if not treated soon. As conditions permit, we will expand our services to patients with less urgent diagnoses.

Our goal is to open for all surgical problems as soon as possible.

We will reschedule your surgery when the time is right to do so. We are following federal and state guidelines on reopening our surgical facilities. Should we see a sudden increase in COVID-19 cases, we may need to scale back our surgical program again so we can direct resources back to the care of new victims of the pandemic. 

Your safety is our top priority. Visitor restrictions will remain place at South Shore Hospital for the foreseeable future. We’ve taken every precaution to keep you safe, including screening everyone entering any of our buildings. Check our website for important updates.

Don’t neglect your health while you wait. If you need emergency care, do not hesitate to call 911 or come to the South Shore Hospital Emergency Department. Emergent surgical cases are not impacted by COVID-19. We are committed to assuring that our all surgical patients receive appropriate care during this time.

If you have concerns about your health, including questions about your surgical condition; reach out to your primary care provider or surgeon’s office. Many now offer virtual visits, so you can do this from the comfort and safety of home.

The decision to undergo surgery can be difficult. We understand that delaying your surgery may have added to an already stressful situation. As we emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are anxious to provide you with the care you need. 

Thank you for your patience. Please remember we are always here for you.

Learn more about our response to COVID-19.