Drive-Thru Testing Services To Be Offered in Norwell

This page was updated on October 28, 2020. It was originally published on May 15, 2020.

On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, South Shore Health’s COVID-19 drive-thru testing site relocated to South Shore Medical Center at 143 Longwater Drive in Norwell, replacing the testing site at Union Point in Weymouth.

Why is COVID-19 testing being moved to South Shore Medical Center?

Testing for COVID-19 is critical to identifying and containing the spread of the virus in our community. While our Union Point location served our health system and the community well, it makes sense at this time, while we begin to move some business operations back online, to relocate drive-thru testing to our medical center.

Where at South Shore Medical Center will testing take place?

Testing will be conducted under the South entrance awning via a single, drive-thru lane. The parking lot adjacent to the south entrance will be closed. Parking and access to the medical center for all patients with regularly scheduled appointments will be located at the North entrance only (the side of the building with the largest parking lot).

What safety measures will be put in place to protect the public and staff?

The South entrance will be closed to foot traffic (entry and egress) to ensure tight infection control practices and will remain closed when not in use to allow for thorough cleaning. Screens will be erected in the lobby of the South entrance to help ensure privacy for patients who are being tested outside.

Who is eligible to be tested?

Testing at the drive-thru site is available to:

  • Patients with a primary care provider at South Shore Medical Center’s Quincy, Norwell, or Kingston practices.
  • Patients with scheduled surgeries or procedures at South Shore Hospital or the Ambulatory Surgical Center, located at 2 Pond Park Road in Hingham.
  • Patients with scheduled C-sections or labor inductions at South Shore Hospital.
  • South Shore Health colleagues.


Patients with a primary care provider at South Shore Medical Center should speak to their care team in order to schedule a test.

Pre-surgery or pre-procedure patients will have a test scheduled for them by their care team.

Testing for members of the community, including return-to-work/school testing and travel-related testing, is available at Health Express locations in Abington and Braintree.

For more information on COVID-19 testing at Health Express, please click here.

When will testing be available?

Testing will be scheduled seven days-a-week during daytime hours. Patients who meet the testing criteria will be given an appointment over the phone.

How can a test be scheduled?

Patients should contact their care team at South Shore Medical Center in order to schedule a test at the drive-thru site.

Pre-surgery or pre-procedure patients will have a visit scheduled for them by their care team.