Core & More Fitness

- Free Event

A group class taught by one of South Shore Health’s seasoned exercise physiologists, designed to strengthen your abdomen and back muscles while increasing your flexibility. Join us on the Derby St....


Elements of a Well-Rounded Fitness Routine

- Free Event

Join South Shore Health Sports Medicine expert, Dan Murray, PT, as he lays out the essential elements of a well-rounded fitness routine to help you achieve maximum results. Whether you're a weekend...


Healthy Back to School Snacks

- Free Event

Is one of your biggest back-to-school struggles with the kids figuring out what to pack for lunch? You’re not alone. A recent survey found that 61 percent of parents say packing their child’s lunch is...


Flexibility In Motion

- Free Event

Ready to get flexible? Join us on the Derby St. Green in partnership with South Shore Health to discover how flexible muscles can give you more range of motion around your joints. If we are skipping...


Toddler & Me Fitness

- Free Event

Ready to get a workout WITH your little one? Toddler & Me on the Derby St. Green in partnership with South Shore Health is a fitness class designed and taught by Jen Logan, a seasoned South Shore...


What Every Parent Needs to Know about Sports Wellness for Our Youth

- Free Event

Sports offer a lot to our youngest athletes: healthy activity, teamwork and hopefully, plain old fun. But injuries big and small can interfere. Random mishaps can't always be avoided—they're just part...


Why Bone Health Matters at Every Stage of Life

- Free Event

It's strange to think that our bones are growing, living tissue that are continually changing. In this lifelong process called “bone remodeling” or “bone turnover,” our bodies are constantly removing...