Stop the Bleed

A doctor checks the bandaged hand and wrist of a patient.

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  • Injury Prevention Program
    sshtraumaprogram [at]
South Shore Hospital
55 Fogg Road
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United States
Emerson A & B Classrooms
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Bleeding is one of the top causes of preventable death in trauma.

20% of people who have died from traumatic injuries may have survived with quick bleeding control.

Stop the Bleed is part of a national campaign to address the most preventable cause of death in the nation: uncontrolled bleeding.

This course is led by our Trauma Program Injury Prevention Team and will help you feel empowered to make a life-or-death difference when a bleeding emergency occurs.

Through our Stop the Bleed course, you’ll gain the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and learn how to intervene effectively.

While you may hope to never need to use them, the skills you learn could help you save a life.

This course is free, but registration is required.

To register, please email sshtraumaprogram [at]

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Stop the Bleed
Injury Prevention

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