How Our Pets Keep Us Healthy

A gray and white kitten reaches out with its paw towards the nose of a golden retriver
About This Event

Whether it's a lizard, bird, gerbil, cat, dog, or something else, pets offer enormous benefits.

They provide companionship, give purpose and meaning, keep us active, and reduce loneliness. Pets entertain us, alert us, fetch for us, and love us unconditionally — but pets can also keep us healthy!

Join The Friends of South Shore Health and Diana Zuckerman, PhD, Director of the Center for Health Research in Washington, DC for this informative program that explains the very real physiological effects that our animal friends have on us.

Examples include pets helping to reduce blood pressure, decrease anxiety, improve emotional stability, and increase mental sharpness.

This event will be held virtually via Zoom. It is free and open to the public. Registration is required.

To register, please call 781-624-8520 or email Cathy Moore (cmoore [at] or Barbara Wahlstrom (bwahlstrom [at]

A Zoom link will be emailed to all registrants prior to the event.

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