Mind-Body Medicine: Focus on Acupuncture

Stock photo of a patient receiving acupuncture treatment in the left shoulder
About This Event

Did you know acupuncture medicine is used to diagnose and treat ailments like diabetes? In fact, acupuncture is a full mind-body approach beyond just pain and stress relief.

Join The Friends of South Shore Health and Jimmy Chung Duong, LAC for this free virtual event on the power of acupuncture.

You'll learn how acupuncture works through recent, relevant research, clinical case studies, and perspectives from both Eastern and Western medicine.

Presenter Jimmy Chung Duong, LAC is the President & CEO Corporate Wellness of New England Wellness Solutions.

This virtual class is free and open to the public. Registration is required.

To register, please call 781-624-8520 or email Barbara Wahlstrom (bwahlstrom [at] southshorehealth.org) or Cathy Moore (cmoore [at] southshorehealth.org).

Registrants will receive a Zoom invitation via email prior to the event.

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