Why Bone Health Matters at Every Stage of Life

Doctor holding small skeleton
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It's strange to think that our bones are growing, living tissue that are continually changing. In this lifelong process called “bone remodeling” or “bone turnover,” our bodies are constantly removing old bone tissue and growing new tissue. From birth through our twenties, growth of new tissue outpaces removal of old tissue, resulting in a net gain which continues until about age 30, when most people will reach “peak bone mass,” meaning their bones are the strongest and most dense that they will ever be. After 30, however,  the removal of old bone tissue outpaces formation of new tissue, resulting in a net bone loss. Join South Shore Health expert, Khelda Jabbar, MD, expert in bone health prevention and treatment, as she shares helpful tips and demonstrations on how to keep our bones healthy at every age.

South Shore Health's Speaker Series on the Derby St. Green is designed to bring distinguished health experts into the community to engage and connect on a variety of important health and wellness topics. While the subjects vary, they are all relevant topics of interest to many. The series is held once a month during the summer and fall and are free to the public.

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