Flexibility In Motion

Yoga for cancer patients
About This Event

Ready to get flexible? Join us on the Derby St. Green in partnership with South Shore Health to discover how flexible muscles can give you more range of motion around your joints. If we are skipping our workouts or focusing solely on strength or cardio in our workouts, our muscles can become shorter. This can change the way your joints move, exposing you to higher risk of injury. Join one of South Shore Health’s seasoned exercise physiologists for this class and walk away with greater elasticity in your muscles. Not only will you feel better, but your muscles will have greater definition!

Join one of South Shore Health’s seasoned exercise physiologists on the Derby St. Green for one of three unique exercise opportunities designed to help you become your best physical self. Exercise classes can include exercises using yoga mats and resistance bands (provided on site). The goal is to get moving, build strength and build flexibility with others. The class can accommodate all levels of fitness, and any exercise can be tailored to where you are!

Register online at the Derby Street Shop's website.

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Community Events
Derby Summer Series