Robert Snow's Story

Real Living with Type 2 Diabetes


Over seven years ago, when Bob Snow was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he took his doctor’s advice and visited South Shore Hospital’s Diabetes Center. Steven Golden, MD, encouraged Bob to seek guidance and direction from experts at the Center to help him get control of the disease before resorting to insulin therapy.

Bob admitted that he wasn’t thrilled with the notion of changing his way of life. “At 80 years old, I’ve been known to be set in my ways and stubborn about making changes. However, I knew I didn’t want to think about relying on diabetes medication, so I thought I would give the Center a try,” he said.

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease causing high levels of sugar in the blood, yet in many cases the condition can be managed or even prevented through diet and exercise. Our certified diabetes educators, registered nurses and dietitians offer instruction and support to help patients make lifestyle changes to prevent long-term complications and to stay as healthy as possible.

The Diabetes Center at South Shore Hospital offers educational programs, health assessment and encouragement to those newly diagnosed with diabetes or those who have been managing their condition for years. “From day one, every time I set foot in the Center, I’m always greeted with warm smiles and encouragement,” Bob said. Certified Diabetes Educator Gayle Davidson, RN, BSN, and Clinical Dietitian Marjorie McNamara, MS, RD, LDN, created a personalized program for Bob that both motivated and encouraged him to make lifestyle adjustments. “The approach was great, they never once issued ‘ultimatums.’ Instead, they offered suggestions and guidance, helping me make better choices,” Bob continued.

As a diabetes educator, Gayle Davidson is passionate about her patients’ being well informed about the current recommendations for how diabetes should be managed. “When Bob came to us, he earnestly did everything we recommended which really helped him to succeed,” she said. Marjorie McNamara added that Bob was steadfast in making proper adjustments in his diet and exercise regimen. “He gave up drinking soda and was diligent with fitting exercise into his daily routine by walking half an hour every day,” she said.

Within three months of his first visit to the Center, Bob’s sugar levels already showed a marked improvement. After continuing the program for six months, his levels went from 10.4 percent down to 7.4 percent. The tests show the average amount of sugar in your blood and how well you are controlling your diabetes. “I cannot say enough about this amazing program, and the caring, compassionate team that has cared for me every step of the way,” Bob said.

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