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South Shore Hospital and its affiliated, private OB/GYN practices, consistently collaborate to be innovative in creating a memorable pregnancy and birth experience for patients and their families.

Our latest innovation is a new, free pregnancy app, called “SSH Babies.” The app gives expectant parents convenient access to consistent information reviewed and approved by the experts from our maternal and newborn program.

Women who enter their due dates will see week-by-week pregnancy information, birthing and other prenatal class offerings and information on what to expect during their birth experience. It gives expectant parents great pregnancy tracking tools that include everything from a packing list creator to a contraction timer.

Our physicians, nurses, midwives, NICU and Maternal Fetal Medicine colleagues, and our private OB practice providers and their staff worked together to develop this important and convenient tool for women and their loved ones. They will continually review and update the content of the app, incorporating feedback and suggestions from patients and their families.

The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play by searching “SSH Babies.”

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