Patient Stories

Follow the journey of patients who share their experiences and triumphs during treatment. 

Aimee Gindin's Story

How Aimee conquered chronic back pain to get back to the active lifestyle she desired.

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Bill Verrier's Story

An employee suffers a life-threatening scare and his colleagues jump to action.

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Bob Hatch's Story

Driving from the Berkshires for his specialized Wound Care treatment.

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Dawnalee Kielty-Downing's Story

Dawnalee's lifechanging weight-loss journey.

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Devon Carini's Story

Devon's near-death experience and the dedicated team who fought to bring her back.

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Doug Whyte's Story

Doug reclaims his life through the Weight-Loss Surgery program.

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Ed & Wendy's Story

Sometimes, the biggest miracles come in the smallest packages.

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Elizabeth Frattasio's Story

After experiencing flu-like symptoms, a new mother is saved from a serious infection.

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Elsa Gould's Story

She had had enough arthritic hip pain, and it was time to let it go.

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Esther Nganga's Story

Read one woman’s midwife journey from prenatal care through delivery and beyond.

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Fallon Keating's Story

One little girl’s reunion with the trauma team who saved her life.

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Harry Haigh's Story

Harry's dramatic transformation towards health through Weight-Loss Surgery.

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Jay Flanagan's Story

After suffering a massive heart attack, Jay woke to lights over his head in an ambulance.

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Jack Doherty's Story

After a massive heart attack, cardiac rehab helped Jack "Move Past It."

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Jean Tantillo's Story

Jean found comfort in a program that bridges the gap between hospital and home.

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Judy Ansaldi's Story

When her aching right knee started affecting her quality of life...

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Lucy Gallagher's Story

One Woman Challenged by Multiple Sclerosis Finds Hope in Physical Therapy.

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Luke Creedon's Story

Challenged by a rare disease, finds strength in Pediatric Rehabilitation.

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Marita Carpenter's Story

Having the care she needed close by, after suffering a massive heart attack.

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Nick Hall's Story

Watch a football player's road to recovery after ACL surgery.

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Nikki Schindler's Story

A little girl and her family lean on colleagues after a shocking diagnosis.

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Pam Quimby-Montanino's Story

Struggling for years with debilitating lupus-induced arthritis...

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Peter Hasham's Story

Joint pain was ruining his life, until.

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Robert Snow's Story

Real Living with Type 2 Diabetes.

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Rooney Family's Story

The Rooney boys faced a myriad of challenges that come with being premature...

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Rudy's Story

One women's triumph over breast cancer.

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Smith Family's Story

After a terminal cancer diagnosis, Hospice of the South Shore allowed a beloved patriarch to spend his final days at home.

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Stacey Reed's Story

Finding courage in the face of cancer.

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Valerie Bourret's Story

Slight abdominal pain quickly escalated to excruciating.

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