Midwifery Care

South Shore Health System’s highly-skilled, board certified nurse midwives provide a personalized pregnancy and birth experience based on your unique needs and desires.

Our nurse midwives can care for expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy, collaborating with OB/GYNs or maternal-fetal medicine experts when necessary. When it’s time to give birth at South Shore Hospital, your midwife is on hand to help you through the experience, including working with you to manage your pain—medicinally or non-medicinally.

If you need additional assistance during birth, your midwife will stay with you, whether you need a caesarian birth or attention from an OB physician. And, should your baby need medical attention, southeastern Massachusetts’ only Level III NICU is just down the hall.

Meet the Midwives

Ready to meet our midwives? South Shore Hospital hosts an open forum for expectant moms and coaches to get to know these birthing specialists. During this forum, the Nurse-Midwives will answer any questions or concerns you might have related to prenatal care, early labor preparation or techniques to help you advance your labor naturally.

View our upcoming midwife meet and greets below, or call 781-624-5685 for complete details.

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Midwifery Myths, Debunked

There’s a lot of misinformation about midwives out there. Learn more about these skilled professionals.

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