Intermediate Gifts


The most popular and easiest way to make a donation to South Shore Hospital is by cash or check. While the Foundation accepts cash gifts, we do not recommend that you mail cash by postal service or courier.

You may designate your gift by making it payable to South Shore Hospital, South Shore Visiting Nurse Association, or Hospice of the South Shore. Gifts are generally considered “unrestricted” as to their use, unless you designate your gift.

Then, please mail your donation to:

South Shore Hospital
Attention: Foundation
55 Fogg Road
South Weymouth, MA 02190-2455

For honorary/memorial gifts:

To make a cash/check gift in honor or memory of someone, please:

  • Follow the instructions above.
  • Enclose a note that includes the name of the person you are memorializing or honoring, and the family contact name and address (for memorials) or the individual’s name and address (for honorary gifts).

We will be sure the family/individual is notified of your thoughtfulness.

Credit Card

To make a donation by credit card, please call 781-624-8600 or make a donation online.

South Shore Hospital does everything we can to protect the privacy of your credit card information. Please call us at 781-624-8600 if you have concerns about faxing or mailing your form to us and we will gladly take your credit card donation by phone.

Personal Property or Real Estate

Personal Property

The South Shore Health System Foundation gladly accepts gifts of tangible personal property that we would otherwise need to purchase, or that further our mission.

While the Foundation is grateful for every donor’s intent to give, some personal property donations must first be approved in accordance with our policy. Gifts that do not require prior approval include items for auction.

Please call us at 781-624-8600 if you are interested in donating personal property or real estate to the Foundation. We will familiarize you with how to make your gift and/or if the gift will need prior approval.

Real Estate

Gifts of real estate are also gratefully accepted according to our guidelines. Please call us at 781-624-8600 to optimize gifts of real estate.


Donors may realize tax benefits from donating securities, particularly those which have appreciated. If you contribute long-term appreciated securities to the South Shore Health System Foundation, you receive a two-fold income tax benefit: a charitable deduction for the full present fair market value, and no tax on the appreciation.

The limit on deductibility in any tax year is 30 percent of your adjusted gross income; any excess is deductible over the next five years. Your gift of stocks and/or securities is very much appreciated. There are several ways to transfer securities to the South Shore Health System Foundation, including:

Electronic Transfer

The most popular and efficient way to transfer securities to South Shore Hospital is by electronic transfer. There is no broker fee or commission charge for this service to you, which means you receive 100 percent of the value of your transfer.

If your stock is held by a broker, please notify the broker that you wish to make a gift of securities to South Shore Hospital. Your broker will need written authorization from you before making the transfer. Please tell your broker the name of the stock that you want transferred, the number of shares, and where you would like your gift to be designated when it reaches South Shore Health System Foundation.

Once you have authorized the transfer, please ask your broker to contact us at 781-624-8600. Our office will give your broker complete transfer instructions.

Note: Even if you have donated securities in the past, please insist that your broker contact us before a transfer is made. Transfer instructions periodically change and a quick phone call from your broker to verify current instructions prevents any transfer problems.

Mailing Stock Certificates

You may either mail or hand-deliver your certificates directly to the South Shore Health System Foundation, if your securities are not held by a broker. If mailing, please send your unendorsed certificate(s) and a cover letter (including your name, address, and purpose of the gift) in one envelope. In a second envelope, send a signed, signature guaranteed, stock power. We strongly recommend using registered mail to forward your certificates and stock power. A stock power form may be obtained at your local bank or by calling us at 781-624-8600.

Hand Delivery

Certificates may be delivered to the South Shore Health System Foundation at:

30 Reservoir Park Drive
Rockland, MA 02370

Please do not mail endorsed certificates. Once a certificate has been endorsed, it is legal tender and may be exchanged by anyone at any time.

It is strongly recommended that certificates not be sent to a transfer agent for registering in the Foundation’s name. This unnecessary procedure can result in needless transfer delays. Please call us at 781-624-8600 for information regarding the valuation of stocks, bonds or gift crediting.

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