Training Before Go-Live

The training information below was provided prior to launching South Shore Epic on Saturday, July 1, 2017. Please visit Training for up-to-date information about Epic training.

Assessments, Class Registration, E-Learning

Completion of the correct role-based Training Plan (during a go-live) or Curricula (outside of a go-live) is the responsibility of each co-worker and his/her manager to ensure individual application access is correct.

HealthStream is our online LMS (Learning Management System). It tracks registration, completion of e-Learning courses, class attendance, and assessment scores for demonstration of proficiency.

Role-based Training Plans in HealthStream

Each Training Plan or Curricula in our Catalog combines e-Learning and role-based core instructor-led courses required for access to Epic. Training Plans (during go-live) and Curricula (outside of go-lives) include courses from one or more Epic applications.

Each role-based Training Plan is configured in the LMS to assist colleagues with the registration process to ensure completion of each training activity necessary to gain access to “live” Epic.

WeLearning Courses on the Epic UserWeb

There is an incredible amount of great Epic foundation learning modules on Epic's UserWeb to help familiarize you with the system before formal training starts.

The UserWeb is an on-line collection of tools and information about Epic. It requires a UserWeb account (username and password) and is an absolute must for all colleagues who will use Epic at South Shore Health System.

If you do not have an account already, set one up. The link to the UserWeb is in the instructions. Some recommended WeLearning modules for clinicians and physicians are listed in the tables below.

You may be prompted to sign in. When you do, you will be automatically directed to the module you selected.

Each module is a video. A computer with audio is best; however, closed-captioning is available for most WeLearnings. Click the CC button in the lower right corner of the video player to turn on closed captioning.

We Put Up a Parking Lot!

Many questions come up during training, and while most can be answered during class, some need to be researched. Those remaining questions are logged and once answered, added to the "Parking Lot" document.

These questions and answers provide a lot of great information about the applications and decisions around processes. If you have not submitted a question in your training class(es), you should still review to ensure that you have the latest and greatest Epic training information about your application.


Epic Training Center: 549 Columbian

Epic Training Guidlines

  • All required e-learnings are available in HealthStream and must be completed prior to classroom training.
  • Classroom training will begin on time. If students are 15+ minutes late - or have not completed all of their required e-learnings - they will be turned away and will need to reschedule.
  • Managers will be notified when a member of their team is late or does not show up.
  • Students must pass an “End User Proficiency Assessment” upon the completion of each training track.

Learn About Epic Integrated Scanning With Hyland

Two helpful videos and accompanying tip sheets have been developed to familiarize you with how to scan documents into Epic. The videos and tip sheets also are available through HealthStream. It is strongly recommended you use earbuds/headphones to amplify the volume of the videos.

  • Registration Document Table Scanning: for colleagues who scan documents into Epic at the point of patient registration. View the Tip Sheet.
  • Scanning To Media Manager: for colleagues who scan documents into Epic at other points during a patient’s care. View the Tip Sheet.

Registration Table Scanning

Scanning to Media Manager

HIM Coder Virtual Training

Training - Accessing the Playground

This Playground is Epic!

The Playground (PLY) environment is a way for you to spend additional time outside of the classroom practicing in the system

Playground (PLY) is our Epic practice environment. It will be used by end users after they attend training, but prior to going live. The clinical content in this environment may not match exactly what is in the Production environment.

Please be patient; as the build is completed. It will be moved into PLY so it will mirror what is in PRD.

To view the PDF and read access instructions, please click here.

Prerequisite eLearnings

Before attending classroom training, students must review eLearnings in HealthStream. To find your eLearnings in HealthStream, review the courses listed on your To Do list tab. Click on a course to drill down and find the required eLearnings that must be completed before attending classroom training.

Please Note:

  • All assigned eLearnings must be completed prior to the start of your classroom training.
  • If not complete, you cannot attend training and will need to reschedule.
  • Non-exempt staff: eLearnings must be completed during normal work hours and cannot be done remotely or from home.
  • Computers are available across the South Shore Health System to access HealthStream. New training rooms are now open at 65 Columbian Street, located on the second floor. Email (or call xEPIC) to confirm room availability.
  • eLearnings use audio and video. Make sure you have your personal headphones handy.

HealthStream LMS: Logging on

  • To log in for the first time, enter your work email as both User ID and Password.
  • Note: If you do not have a South Shore Hospital ( email address, please use your primary work email address.
  • The system will then walk you through setting up your own unique password. If you are unable to log in, you can reset your password by clicking on “Reset” located on the sign in screen.
  • Questions? Please email or call xEPIC.

Required Training for All Users

All Epic users must participate in several hours of training before go-live. Further details and logistics relative to required training are available here.

Tentative training start dates are as follows:

  • 3/13/17: Credential Trainers Begin Training
  • 4/24/17: Super Users Begin Training
  • 5/8/17: Full End-User Training Begins
  • 7/1/17: Go-Live

Training Documents