Reporting & Data Analytics

Epic’s Cogito Business Intelligence Suite consists of over 15 reporting tools, including ad hoc self-service tools, pulling data from 3 distinct data environments. There’s a lot to learn about how data flows from one environment to another, the tools available and what you can do with them. The documents on this page will introduce you to Epic’s Business Intelligence Suite.

Epic Bulletin No1

Epic's Data & Reporting Ecosystem

The EcoSystem poster shows you how Epic data moves through the Epic system. It’s a basic one-page overview of Epic’s reporting systems & tools. It’s best printed on an 11x17 piece of paper.

Epic Bulletin No1

Choose the Right Epic Data/Reporting Tool

The Choose Your Tool document is an algorithm that will guide you through the thought process of picking the right Epic reporting tool for the job. It too is best printed 11x17.

Epic Bulletin No1

Epic Cogito Implementation Overview

The Cogito Implementation Overview will describe our SSHS strategy for implementing Epic’s reporting tools. We are adopting Epic foundation content and this document describes the implications of that approach.

Epic Bulletin No5

The Epic Bulletin

  • Cogito! Rhymes with orange…
  • Weekly Rundown & Timeline
  • Implementing Epic’s Reporting Tools
  • Cool reporting poster for download!

Questions?  Curious for more?  Contact Jason Ryan, Manager of Data Analytics or Cyndi Harrington, Cogito Implementation Project Manager.