March 2017

Showcase Brings Epic to Life

At our most recent All Leaders meeting, attendees got a sneak preview of how South Shore Epic will work. Medical staff and administrative leaders donned costumes to showcase Epic through an Alice-in- Wonderland-themed showcase.

The Showcase brought to life the experience of a “patient,” Mr. M.H. Wonderland, as he moved from the birthing unit as a new dad, to the emergency department, inpatient unit, OR, back home with home care and then finally back to his primary care for follow up. The Showcase demonstrated how Epic on the screen matched the action on stage.

Dr. Tweedledee investigates the problem

Integrated Testing 1

Dr Rabbitz thinks surgical consult

Integrated Testing 2

Our Principle Trainers, Nursing Informatics, IT and Epic colleagues worked for months to put the script and videos together to show how Epic will improve our workflows and communication to provide better care for our community.

Our showcase proves that having fun at work matters, even when you are doing something as transformational as launching a new electronic health record. A strong work ethic -- and a good sense of humor -- will remain important as we enter the home stretch to introduce South Shore Epic on July 1.

A video is in production that will allow everyone to see the Showcase and how our health care providers guided our main character, M.H. Wonderland, back to good health using Epic.

Chet Shire, RN, catches Mr. Wonderland
eating his teacup

Integrated Testing 1

Dr. de la Heart Throb calls time out
before his tea cup removal surgery

Integrated Testing 2

Post-surgical home care visit

Integrated Testing 1

MyChart makes Health Information easy to access

Integrated Testing 2

M.H. Wonderland ponders his Epic experience

Cardiac Rehab Test Patients