December 2016

The Epic Chili Cookoff Classic!

On Thursday 12/8 a few of the great cooks at 141 Longwater held a chili cook off. Anyone could enter and well, with some of the results … apparently did. It was a great event. Participants paid $5 to taste and judge, with proceeds going to the hospital as a gift from the Information Services team. Thanks to all who participated!

Casey R. Barbuto was the big winner with the most votes. See his recipe and read his acceptance speech.

Casey at the vat

Chili Cookoff

Right before the fist fight broke out

Chili Cookoff

putting aside their differences

Chili Cookoff

The WOW Rodeo Was a Great Success! YeeHaw!

On Monday, December 5, from 7 AM to 5 PM we held a Workstation On Wheels Rodeo in Dining Room A at 55 Fogg Road! It was rootin' tootin' success! Hundreds of colleagues checked it out and provided feedback to change things for the better and optimize our care delivery!

what in tarnation

WOW Rodeo 1

this wow is standing tall, looking to take the all around wow prize

WOW Rodeo 2

But the competition was tough

WOW Rodeo

Thanks to all who stopped by and evaluated the different cart models. Our aim is to standardize a cart that works for all users across South Shore Health System. Standardization will help our IT Team keep the carts up and running 24/7! We will keep you updated with the results!

If you have any questions beforehand, please contact Derek Jones at