MD & APC Training

Physician and Advanced Practice Clinican Training

Please visit this page often for updated information about training sessions and schedules for physicians and advanced practice clinicians (APCs).

Training Requirements

  1. South Shore Health System requires training and proficiency tests for all users.
  2. Epic access is a “no pass, no access” policy. In other words, end users will not receive log-on credentials until a proficiency test is passed.
  3. Proficiency is a condition of Medical Staff privileges.
  4. Training is a condition of employment and will be compensated under standard work policy.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What training is required?

South Shore Health System requires training and successful completion of proficiency tests for all users. Epic access is a “no pass, no access” policy. In other words, end-users will not receive access to Epic until all proficiency tests ?are passed. Proficiency is a condition of Medical Staff privileges.

What are the training expectations/requirements based on Medical Staff engagement and privilege type?

  • Active or Affiliate Medical Staff membership with Core & Consulting Privileges = Full Epic training, per specialty
  • Active or Affiliate Medical staff membership with Outpatient Privileges = No Epic training, may use EpicCare Link
  • Active or Affiliate Medical Staff membership with Refer & Follow Privileges = No Epic training, may use EpicCare Link

What if I have a question about my current membership or privilege type?

Please contact Lynda Aflague, Director/Medical Staff Services, at 781-624-4071?or speak with your Medical Staff Department Chair.

How do I register for training?

Your Medical Staff department’s Administrative Assistant is responsible for registering you for all courses in your “Training Track.” Registration will be tracked in HealthStream, our new Learning Management System.

What is a "Training Track?"

A Training Track includes all required education needed to complete training for your role, including e-Learnings, classroom training, and end-user proficiency assessments. Information about your required Training Track will be provided to your Medical Staff department’s Administrative Assistant?.

Where does training take place?

The majority of training for Medical Staff will be in the Snell Conference Center, 55 Fogg Road, South Weymouth. Some training will be at 549 Columbian Street, South Weymouth and ?141 Longwater Drive, Norwell. Personalization Labs will occur primarily in the Medical Staff library at ?South Shore Hospital.

By when do I need to register?

Your Medical Staff department’s Administrative Assistant will work to get you registered by the appropriate date.

Here are the milestones for Medical Staff registration:

  • March 17: 25%
  • March 31: 50%
  • April 7: 75%
  • April 21: 100%

What if I miss a class or need to reschedule?

Contact your Medical Staff Administrative Assistant to help you reschedule.

What if I have used Epic before?

Only the specialty areas of Ambulatory, Inpatient (IP) Medical, and ?Inpatient (IP) Surgical will have the opportunity to take the Previously Trained? Epic Users (PTEU) test and attend abbreviated classroom training. All other providers, regardless of Epic experience, are required to take the full ?Epic classroom training. e-Learnings are available for viewing in HealthStream, but are not required if you successfully pass the PTEU test.

Will I be compensated for training, whether online or in class?

Training is an important part of everyone’s role and will be a requirement to maintain Medical Staff membership. Epic training will be scheduled outside of clinical hours. In terms of compensation for our Medical Staff members, there will not be additional compensation for any physician for Epic training. South Shore Health System’s employed, hourly-paid Advanced Practice Clinicians ?will receive pay for all hours worked including time for Epic training,?per our standard pay practices.

Are there any prerequisites to attend class?

Yes. Most provider Training Tracks contain required e-Learnings available in HealthStream. Completion is also tracked in HealthStream. You must complete all required e-Learnings before attending classroom training. It is recommended you view the assigned e-Learnings no greater than ?one month before you attend classroom training. There are no formal tests embedded in the e-Learnings.

Do I have to take a test at the end of class?

Yes. Each Training Track has a defined set of tests called “End-User Proficiency Assessments” or EUPAs. You must pass with a minimum score of 80 percent. Passing the EUPA is the way to gain access to Epic. Without training or successful completion of all required EUPAs, you will not be granted access to the Epic system and may require additional training.

How is my training different if I am an Inpatient and Outpatient (ambulatory) provider?

You will receive additional training if you practice in both roles.

How long is the average Training Track for physicians?

e-Learnings average three hours per provider. Classroom training lasts from 2-8 hours, depending on your Training Track.

What are personalization labs?

Personalization labs are two-hour “hands on” sessions designed to help physicians customize Epic to meet their needs. Personalization labs also are scheduled through your Medical Staff department’s Administrative Assistant.

Where may I find additional information about training?

Please visit Epic Training for additional information or send your questions to