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As our Epic Go-Live on July 1, 2017 approaches, colleagues will be asked to prepare and participate in numerous operational and go-live readiness activities – all of which are fundamental to a successful Epic implementation.

Here are the steps Leaders should take to engage their teams:

  • Visit and promote the Epic Website: Ask questions of project leaders using contact emails listed on the website.
  • Download and share the Epic Implementation Schedule. It describes what’s ahead and what each milestone means. Mark key dates on your calendars, especially those requiring participation by you and your team.
  • Prepare your department for Epic Technical Dress Rehearsal (TDR). All computers and peripherals will be tested across our Health System to ensure Epic functions properly.
  • Participate in Go-Live Readiness Assessments (GLRA). GLRAs are cross-departmental evaluations of the Epic implementation in preparation of Go-Live. Leaders are expected to review risk mitigation plans formed by operations to be ready for July 1.
  • Work with Impact Advisors’ Operational Engagement Leads (Mike Sanders, Kim Reitter, Manuel Patterson, Gregory Ondera, and Dianna Woodall) to develop plans and build awareness about key decisions and workflow changes before end-user training begins.
  • Support participation in Conversion, Cut-Over, and Abstraction activities including Appointment Conversion (6/15 - 6/18) and Cut-Over from Meditech (and other legacy systems) to Epic 48 to 24 hours prior to Go-Live. Both of these Go-Live Readiness events will require colleagues from across our Health System to participate.
  • Download and share a copy of the Epic Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • Validate staff training tracks and register your teams for training.
  • Evaluate and manage staff schedules to support training, operational and go-live readiness activities.
  • Provide a copy of Paid Time Off (PTO) restrictions to staff and plan accordingly to accommodate training and Go-Live support.

South Shore Epic Implementation Key Dates

Present – 06/01

Technical Dress Rehearsal (TDR)

Present – 06/18

CTs train End Users and SUs proctor two classroom trainings


Cut-Over Dry Run #2


30-Day Executive Go Live Readiness Assessment (GLRA)


Cut-Over Dry Run #3 (optional)

06/15 – 06/18

Appointment Conversion – Cadence Users Live with Epic!

06/19 – 06/30

SUs attend Refresher Training and Ad Hoc End-User Training

06/29 - 06/30

Cut-Over from Meditech (and other legacy systems)




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