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Epic Go-Live Daily Meeting Schedule

Numerous meetings have been scheduled each day throughout July 2017 to support a successful Epic implementation. Leaders will be notified about the meetings they may need to attend.

Each day will conclude with a Daily Leadership Report, starting at 5:00 pm. Materials from the Daily Leadership Report will be posted to both the South Shore Health System and South Shore Medical Center Sharepoint portals to keep all colleagues informed about our Epic implementation progress. Please view the documents below:

Daily Meetings Schedule




Please note portal access is exclusively available to colleagues who are logged-in to our network.

How To Request Epic Tip Sheets

Posted on June 30, 2017 by Karen Hahren.

In the next few weeks there will be many requests to create new Epic Tip Sheets. 

A process has been established to assure all Tip Sheets are accurately prepared and made available in the Epic Learning Home Dashboard in a timely way.

Please do not create your own Tip Sheets; it is important colleagues receive uniform guidance about how to perform functions within Epic. Tip Sheets are designed to supplement existing Epic training material and should focus on anything that has changed since formal training began or to call out any high-risk workflows. Principal Trainers/Instuctional Designers will review and prioritize all Tip Sheet requests as they are received, and will escalate any questions or concerns to training leadership.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Summer Dress Code Update: A Leader Guide

Posted on June 28, 2017.

This summer, a slightly more relaxed business casual dress code has been introduced, which allows for jeans during July! Our Dress Code Leader Guide will assist you when addressing colleagues' attire if necessary.  As always, it remains important that colleagues present themselves professionally and work safely.

Coming Soon! Revenue Cycle Workshops in June and July

The fragmentation of revenue information across our organization has been a major challenge in recent years, including disparate clinical and revenue cycle applications that do not "talk to each other." With Epic, our new electronic health record, that challenge will soon be a distant memory. Our new EHR platform will provide the tools our organization needs to ensure revenue integrity throughout our entire revenue cycle. This transition could not come at a better time, as we face yet another round of regulatory and reimbursement changes in the healthcare industry.

As Epic Go-Live on July 1st approaches, the Revenue Cycle Team will host a number of workshops to prepare South Shore Health System for our new Revenue Cycle tools and workflows.

Denial Management

June 13-15. Multiple sessions; approximately 1 hour each.
For Patient Accounting, Patient Access, Care Progression, HIM / Coding, and Revenue Integrity

Hands-on training for the Epic Denial Management process, including how individuals will review, update, and respond to insurance denials. In addition, colleagues will test their Epic log-ins and access to appropriate reports and dashboards in preparation for Go-Live.

Revenue Cycle Edits

June 13-15. Multiple sessions; approximately 1 hour each.
For Patient Accounting, Patient Access, Care Progression, HIM / Coding, and Revenue Integrity

Hands-on training for various bill and claim edits (i.e. medical necessity) or missing account data (i.e. authorization).  Colleagues will learn how to review, update, and respond to these edits. In addition, colleagues will test their Epic log-ins and access to appropriate reports and dashboards in preparation for Go-Live.

Go-Live Mock Month-End

First Session: June 15. Second Session: July 19. Both Sessions will be 8:00am–12:00pm
For Finance.

An overview of the Epic month-end close process for Hospital Billing (HB) and Provider Billing (PB), including orientation to the various reports to reconcile the various accounts (AR, revenue, cash, and other GL accounts). These sessions will be conducted before and after Go-Live.

Revenue Reconciliation

June 19 through June 29 - Sessions run about 1.5 hours
For the primary charge resource and back-up in every revenue generating department.

Hands-on training for the Epic daily charge reconciliation and charge error correction process. In addition, colleagues will test their Epic log-ins and access to appropriate reports and dashboards in preparation for Go-Live. During Go-Live, the project team will host daily Revenue Tracker meetings to help these same resources validate department revenue.

If your department should be included in one or more of these events or if you have any questions, please contact George Boulger in the Revenue Integrity department at

All Leaders Meeting - June 1, 2017

More than 250 South Shore Health System leaders gathered on June 1, 2017 at Lantana in Randolph to prepare for a successful Epic implementation. 

Meeting highlights included:

  • What To Expect at Epic Go-Live
  • Rounding To Influence and its importance to our success.
  • Appointment Conversions, the process of entering ancillary and ambulatory appointments from existing legacy systems into South Shore Epic.  Appointment conversions will take place between June 15-18, 2017.
  • Details About "Cutover", the process of moving active patients from our legacy systems to South Shore Epic.

Steps Leaders Should Take

As our Epic Go-Live on July 1, 2017 approaches, colleagues will be asked to prepare and participate in numerous operational and go-live readiness activities – all of which are fundamental to a successful Epic implementation.

Here are the steps Leaders should take to engage their teams:

  • Visit and promote the Epic Website: Ask questions of project leaders using contact emails listed on the website.
  • Download and share the Epic Implementation Schedule. It describes what’s ahead and what each milestone means. Mark key dates on your calendars, especially those requiring participation by you and your team.
  • Prepare your department for Epic Technical Dress Rehearsal (TDR). All computers and peripherals will be tested across our Health System to ensure Epic functions properly.
  • Participate in Go-Live Readiness Assessments (GLRA). GLRAs are cross-departmental evaluations of the Epic implementation in preparation of Go-Live. Leaders are expected to review risk mitigation plans formed by operations to be ready for July 1.
  • Work with Impact Advisors’ Operational Engagement Leads (Mike Sanders, Kim Reitter, Manuel Patterson, Gregory Ondera, and Dianna Woodall) to develop plans and build awareness about key decisions and workflow changes before end-user training begins.
  • Support participation in Conversion, Cut-Over, and Abstraction activities including Appointment Conversion (6/15 - 6/18) and Cut-Over from Meditech (and other legacy systems) to Epic 48 to 24 hours prior to Go-Live. Both of these Go-Live Readiness events will require colleagues from across our Health System to participate.
  • Download and share a copy of the Epic Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • Validate staff training tracks and register your teams for training.
  • Evaluate and manage staff schedules to support training, operational and go-live readiness activities.
  • Provide a copy of Paid Time Off (PTO) restrictions to staff and plan accordingly to accommodate training and Go-Live support.

South Shore Epic Implementation Key Dates

Present – 06/18

CTs train End Users and SUs proctor two classroom trainings


Cut-Over Dry Run #3 (optional)

06/15 – 06/18

Appointment Conversion – Cadence Users Live with Epic!

06/19 – 06/30

SUs attend Refresher Training and Ad Hoc End-User Training

06/29 - 06/30

Cut-Over from Meditech (and other legacy systems)