Want Help?

By Your Side At Go-Live

Super Users & At-The-Elbow Support

Hundreds of our Super Users and At-the-Elbow (ATE) experts from Epic and Optimum Healthcare IT are available for support. Turn to them first for assistance. Our Super Users and ATE experts can often help you resolve issues without having to call the Service (Help) Desk. Super Users/ATEs can also help assure all the proper information is provided to the Service Desk if additional support is necessary.

Advice About How/When To Perform A Function

Please consult your leader with questions about processes and workflows unique to your specialty and/or work area.


Please notify your leader if you are unable to log-in to Epic and/or you do not appear to have security access necessary to do your job. Leaders must complete an Employee Access Request (EAR) in Lotus Notes to arrange for their staff members to receive network/system access.


Please use our leadership Chain of Command to report any quality or safety issues. Safety Hub also is available to help and may be reached between 6 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. at 781-624-8333.

Epic Learning Home Dashboard

Your go-to location for updates about the Epic system or specific workflows, Tip Sheets, Quick Start guides, and links to websites that provide easily accessible help while navigating the system. The Time Saver section contains tips and tricks to help speed up your every day workflow.

How To Assure Timely Service Desk Support

Urgent IT Support: Please call the Help Desk at 781-624-8827 for assistance with software and technology issues.

Routine Support: Please use MyService Desk to submit all non-urgent requests. 

Our Service Desk requires the following information to route and respond to your ticket:

  • Who is experiencing the issue? Include USER ID and full name. Is this isolated to an individual, or is it affecting multiple users? Did another user perform an action that caused the issue?
  • What error or issue is occurring? What application/function? Is this a workflow issue, a technical issue, an application issue? Include error message details. Include identifiers, such as Patient ID, Printer ID, Scanner ID, Order ID, Rx ID, etc.).
  • When does this occur? What event or point in the workflow does the system or device fail?
  • Where is the user (specific department/desk/location? Include workstation and printer ID #s.
  • Why does the user believe this issue is occurring?
  • Please supply your full 10-digit phone number (000-000-0000).

See Examples:


Words that Work

The “Words That Work” Quick Guide and lighthearted video provide advice and direction about how to communicate with patients, families and each other as we do our jobs with an unfamiliar tool.