Go-Live Readiness

South Shore Epic Go-Live Support Plan

A comprehensive plan has been developed to guide South Shore Health System through a successful Epic implementation.

  • A Command Center will be established as our Go-Live hub, where Epic project leadership and core project team members will assemble to be immediately available to manage and resolve issues during the Go-Live period.
  • Super User/At-the-Elbow (ATE) End User Support resources will be the first line of support for End Users and will be deployed in our Health System’s acute, ambulatory and home health locations.
  • Issues will be managed through an established Issue Management process. An Epic-specific Service Desk will be supported 24/7 by internal and external resources trained in supporting Epic.
  • Daily communication will take place to report progress with our Go-Live implementation.

Words that Work

Posted on June 8, 2017.

To support our colleagues in their communications with patients and families during and after Go-Live, we put together a “Words That Work” Quick Guide and lighthearted video. As we feel the crunch of trying to do our jobs with an unfamiliar tool, we must be aware of how we communicate. The Guide and Video will give you some advice and direction. Please enjoy!

Cutover to Epic Scheduled for June 29th & 30th

Posted on June 7, 2017.

Cutover is the process of moving active ED patients, Inpatients and scheduled Ambulatory patients off of the existing Meditech legacy system and the current South Shor Medical Center Epic system and into the new Epic production system. Additionally, the activation of interfaces, resyncing of barcode scanners, application activation and census balancing occur during the cutover period.

Learn more by viewing our 30 Day GLRA Cutover Update.

Paid Time Off (PTO) Restrictions

For the Information Systems Division

There will be no PTO allowed in the four weeks prior to go-live, as well as during the four weeks after go-live.

For all other SSHS colleagues impacted by the Epic implementation

There will be no PTO allowed in the two weeks prior to go-live, as well as during the two weeks after go-live.

For employed Medical Staff not currently participating in our Health System’s PTO program, the above restrictions also apply to vacation time as well as “schedule accommodations” typically made by their departments.

Exceptions to the above restrictions will include paid time off for life events including births, adoptions, deaths, marriages and graduations. Additional exceptions may be granted at the discretion of department leaders.

Paid Time Off (PTO) Options

To ensure that colleagues’ PTO banks are not negatively impacted by these restrictions, the following measures will be in place:

Additional Paid Time Off Cashout Opportunity

Currently, per our Health System’s PTO Cashout Policy, all benefit-eligible colleagues have the option to cash out up to 80 hours of PTO time annually, provided they maintain at least 40 hours in their PTO bank at the time of the cashout.

For the calendar year 2017 only, all benefit-eligible colleagues may elect to cash out up to an additional 40 hours of PTO time. This additional cashout must be elected by December 31, 2016, for payment in March, July and/or September, 2017.

Paid Time Off Maximum Accruals

For the calendar year January-December 2017 only, all benefit-eligible colleagues will be allowed to accrue beyond their PTO maximum accruals, but by no more than an additional 40 hours.  Colleagues who are over their PTO maximum on December 31, 2017, however, will forfeit any hours over their maximum.


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