Access to Classic Systems

Access To Classic Systems After July 1

Authorized computer users will have access to our prior IT systems for the time periods specified below:  

South Shore Hospital Classic Systems

Allscripts EHR - Users will have 45 days to complete documentation. After that time documentation access will be discontinued.

Allscripts Homecare (Netsmart) - South Shore VNA and Hospice users will have 60 days; Home & Health Resources users will continue to use the system.

GE CPN - Previous documentation will be available via GE CPN Core. Editing capability will be turned off. If edits are needed, please contact Cindy Dutton. Future documentation will be done via Epic in conjunction with GE Connect.

Iatrics patient portal (South Shore Hospital MyHealth) - Patient access will be discontinued on July 1.

Medaptus - Providers, physician billing and coding colleagues will have access for 90 days after July 1.

MedFx - South Shore NeuroSpine colleagues will have access for 90 days after July 1.

Meditech EMR - Will be kept in place for as long as needed and until our archive solution is determined

Meditech Lab - Laboratory staff will have the following editing capabilities after July 1:

  • Pathology: 4-6 weeks to finalize reporting
  • Micro: Depends on what is pending, could be up to 60 days
  • Chemistry/Hematology: Until July 7

These results will update Epic through a daily batch process. View capabilities will be available after these dates. 

Meditech MM/PP/GL/AP/SS - Financials remain active

Meditech OE - Will be turned off before Epic downtime; will not come back up.

Meditech PCS and EDM documentation (nursing, inpatient rehab, dietary) - Nursing, rehab, dietary and other ancillary colleagues will have 72-hour access to edit capabilities after July 1 and view-only access after 72 hours.

Meditech Pdoc/ITS report editing/electronic signature - Providers and health information management colleagues will have 45 days of edit/sign capabilities after July 1.

Meditech reports - Will be kept in place for as long as needed and until an archive solution is determined.

Morrissey Care Progression MCCM,  E-discharge - After July 1, view-only access for previous documentation.

Optum physician billing - Physician billing and coding colleagues will have one-year of access after July 1.

Picis Bed Track - Admissions, EMT, and transport colleagues will be able to access reports for a period after July 1.

Picis OR Manager - Operating room colleagues will have 5 days after July 1 to edit post case; will still need to access reports post live

Raintree - Rehab colleagues will have 30 days to complete/edit documentation.

Standing Stone - Anticoagulation clinic colleagues will have view-only access for previous documentation.

Stericycle - Infection control colleagues will have access until reporting periods are complete.

Summit reports - System replaced by Epic Business Continuity Access (BCA). Information will only reflect information up to June 30.

Wound Expert - Contract ends April 2018.

South Shore Medical Center Classic Systems

After our conversion to Epic on July 1, we will close out of the Atrius version of Epic. All office visits performed before July 1 will be documented and billed in Atrius Epic. At end of day on July 14, our read/write ability within Atrius will be discontinued and all providers and nurses will be migrated to EpicCare Link with ability to view the Atrius data. We are unable to close/bill any Atrius Epic office visits remaining open after July 14.

In baskets - Atrius Epic In-baskets will be turned off on July 15. Atrius Epic Imaging results received from July 1-14 will be resulted in Atrius Epic along with documented follow-up. (Results reports will also be scanned in South Shore Epic). South Shore Medical Center Lab Results received after June 30 will be scanned into South Shore Epic.


  • Communication to patients regarding change to South Shore MyChart - Starting in June and continuing
  • Direct scheduling for Atrius MyHealth will end on June 15.
  • Enrollment of new patients in Atrius MyHealth ends on June 26.
  • Messaging, Refill Requests, Appointment Requests for Atrius MyHealth patients ends on June 28.
  • South Shore Medical Center patients will have view-only access to their Atrius MyHealth account through September 30. (Patients will not lose access if they also are an Atrius patient).


  • Last Orders and Referrals entered in Atrius Epic until 6 pm on June 30.
  • Lab, Radiology, Referrals will process Expired Labs and Close the Loop through August 31 in Atrius Epic. Outstanding orders and referrals will be re-entered in South Shore Epic, as appropriate.
  • Any orders/referrals for Atrius services ordered in South Shore Epic will be faxed to Atrius, starting on July 1.

Up-To-Date - All providers will need to claim their Up-To-Date CMEs from Atrius Epic by June 30. Please print your certificates for CME credits.

Media Manager Scanning - The last day to scan documents into Atrius Media Manager is June 29.

View-Only Atrius EpicCare:

  • EpicCare Link
  • Magic Button from South Shore Epic to Atrius Epic
  • Care Everywhere, with Patient Consent