Our Approach

Learning Epic involves a blended approach of e-Learning courses, hands-on classroom instruction, and a post-class assessment requiring a score of 80% or better.

Assessments, Class Registration, E-Learning

Completion of the correct role-based Training Plan (during a go-live) or Curricula (outside of a go-live) is the responsibility of each co-worker and his/her manager to ensure individual application access is correct.

HealthStream is our online LMS (Learning Management System). It tracks registration, completion of e-Learning courses, class attendance, and assessment scores for demonstration of proficiency.

Role-based Training Plans in HealthStream

Each Training Plan or Curricula in our Catalog combines e-Learning and role-based core instructor-led courses required for access to Epic. Training Plans (during go-live) and Curricula (outside of go-lives) include courses from one or more Epic applications.

Each role-based Training Plan is configured in the LMS to assist colleagues with the registration process to ensure completion of each training activity necessary to gain access to “live” Epic.

WeLearning Courses on the Epic UserWeb

There is an incredible amount of great Epic foundation learning modules on Epic's UserWeb to help familiarize you with the system before formal training starts.

The UserWeb is an on-line collection of tools and information about Epic. It requires a UserWeb account (username and password) and is an absolute must for all colleagues who will use Epic at South Shore Health System.

If you do not have an account already, set one up. The link to the UserWeb is in the instructions. Some recommended WeLearning modules for clinicians and physicians are listed in the tables below.

You may be prompted to sign in. When you do, you will be automatically directed to the module you selected.

Each module is a video. A computer with audio is best; however, closed-captioning is available for most WeLearnings. Click the CC button in the lower right corner of the video player to turn on closed captioning.