Connecting. As One.

Building a Unified Electronic Health Record for Our Patients

What is an electronic health record and why does a unified health record benefit you? An electronic health record is all of the information needed to care for you. This includes your medical history—allergies, tests results, and other key health information—and other important items like insurance and contact information. One unified health record means that all of your health records and history can be quickly accessed` by any of your caregivers at any South Shore Health System facility.

As the many teams at South Shore Health System work “As One” toward the common goal of providing exceptional care to you and your family, implementing the right technology is crucial to accomplish that goal. On July 1, 2017, we introduced a single electronic health record to unite and connect our caregivers and community. The community can connect to the new system through an online patient portal called South Shore MyChart.

Why Epic?

South Shore Health System is implementing Epic, the nation’s leading electronic health record system with installations in hospitals and health system worldwide. Epic will allow us to continually improve the quality of care we provide our patients through:

  • Timely Access to Information. Your records from each South Shore Health System facility will be connected so that caregivers can quickly access your records when you need services at any of our locations. For example, if you had a recent visit to the South Shore Hospital Emergency department, your primary care physician at South Shore Medical Center can quickly access that information at your next visit.
  • Improved Patient Safety. Caregivers across our Health System will have immediate access to important information like your allergies to medications. The wealth of health information will also help us standardize and continually improve the quality of care we provide all of our patients.
  • Enhanced Coordination of Your Care. A unified electronic health record ensures every provider has the same accurate and up-to-date information about you. This is especially important if you see multiple specialists, make transitions between care settings—for example from the hospital to a skilled nursing facility—or receive care in emergency settings. Better availability of patient information can also reduce medical errors and unnecessary tests.

Sign Up for South Shore MyChart

South Shore MyChart, a secure online patient portal, allows you to become more engaged and active in your own health. Some of the key features of South Shore MyChart include the ability to review portions of your medical record, send secure messages to your providers, schedule appointments, review tests results, request prescription refills and much more.