Allies in Philanthropy

Thank you for the extraordinary care you provide to our patients.

As a caregiver, you have the unique ability to serve as an ally in philanthropy to help support facilities, technology, program and endowment needs at South Shore Health System. You are the face of our Health System. The care you provide to our patients every day is what they remember when they visit any of our facilities, and puts you in a unique position to refer or talk to patients who may want to make a donation in recognition of the care they received.

Grateful patients and their families constitute the greatest number of major donors to health care organizations. That means the referral of grateful patients and families to our Foundation is the single most important thing you can do to support South Shore Health System’s philanthropic program.

This website is part of a concerted effort – led by the Medical Staff Committee of the Foundation Board – to ensure that you have the information and tools to succeed as our allies in philanthropy. There are several different tactics you can use that you’ll find on this website. This allows you to find an approach that makes you feel most comfortable. The most important thing to remember is that the Foundation team is always here to answer questions and help.

Referrals and HIPAA

One of the most common concerns we hear from caregivers about referring patients is HIPAA. We want to make it clear that referrals are allowed under HIPAA. Because we appreciate your concern to protect your patient’s privacy, we’ve included the specific legal language in the law below to ensure you are comfortable that it is permissible.

A covered entity may use, or disclose to a business associate or to an institutionally related foundation, the following protected health information for the purpose of raising funds for its own benefit, without an authorization meeting the requirements of Sec. 164.508.

  1. Demographic information relating to an individual, including name, address or other contact information, age, gender, and date of birth
  2. Dates of health care provided to an individual
  3. Department of service information
  4. Treating physician
  5. Outcome information
  6. Health insurance status

Grateful Patient Stories

Read some of the amazing stories of patients who made a donation in honor of a caregiver at South Shore Health System.

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